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The Essential Advantages of Using a Dog Harness

If you have a dog that you consider to be aggressive, a dog harness is the best accessory for your pouch. Even though dog collars are usually preferred by most dog owners, a harness is usually more effective. There are so many types of dog harnesses and they are designed to fit your pouch depending on the kind of dog that you have. If you had no idea about the benefits that harnesses have outlined below are some of them.

Gives Control to the Owner
There are some different dog breeds that are usually aggressive and highly excited by a variety of stimuli. Sometimes you may be walking your dog and it sees a bird or another dog and they become overly excited. Controlling your dog with a neck collar can be difficult. This is because when you try controlling your dog with a collar alone, you may end up injuring it around the neck area. A neck harness is more effective because it distributes the pull around the back and chest area.

Prevents the Dog from Pulling the Leash
In most cases, people use dog collars when they take their pets for a walk. In case, your dog gets too excited and decides to run ahead of you, it might end up pulling you along. This can make a walk with your dog feel like a struggle. A dog harness is better than a collar because it restricts this kind of pulling. It is impossible for the dog to move forward if it decides to pull on the leash attached to the harness. This is because of the way it is designed. You can check out these beautiful Star Trek Collectables if you are in the market for great dog harnesses.

Prevents Injuries
A lot of dog owners rarely pay attention to the amount of damage a collar has on a dog. Since a collar is often placed on the neck, it sometimes causes injuries to the neck and trachea areas. Even though the collar may not necessarily cause pain at first, it ends up causing a significant amount of discomfort. For the small dogs whose bones can be fragile, the neck collar may cause high levels of discomfort. A dog harness distributes any kind of pressure around the chest and back area. This is more comfortable for your pet. Click here to discover the best Cockapoo harness for your pet.

Accidents are Avoided
Finally, other than causing injuries to themselves when a dog collar is used, the leash on a collar can also end up causing an accident which affects you as the dog owner. Your dog may end up being so excited and entangling you with the leash attached to the neck collar. This may cause a severe fall or even pain from a broken bone. Using a dog harness prevents this type of problem. Read more here about the application of pet harnesses:

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